I’m Shy, Not Antisocial

shybearOften times, it’s hardest for shy people to shine and show off their talents- simply because the attention eats them whole!  How would I know, you ask?  I believe that as little kids we couldn’t care less.  I could wear what I pleased, say what I thought was right, and act in anyway I wanted- no matter how ridiculous!

However as I got older and more mature, I began to get more and more self-conscious.  It seemed as if everyone was staring at me, and only me.  As I began picking out my flaws and brushing off every compliment that came my way, I grew into a very shy and reserved person.  I remember wanting to talk to people and make jokes and laugh, but I didn’t know how to.  How do you get a conversation started and moving?

This didn’t necessarily mean I was an antisocial person.  I truly wanted to belong to a group of friends who I could share stories, laugh, and interact with.  And no, it didn’t mean I was the loner child either.  I had friends; wonderful friends, it was just hard for me to talk to them.

Eventually, after the years we’ve spent together I realized what I needed the whole time.  Comfort.  I could easily of said I belonged to our little group, but it didn’t mean I was comfortable with talking to any of them or spending time with them.  Yes, we want to belong, but that’s just half the battle.  Being comfortable in your group of friends or in any situation is the key for shy people, such as myself, to open up and let our true selves show and shine through.

If anything, I don’t believe anyone is antisocial.  I just believe they need time and nourishment to grow into the person they may secretly want to be.  Like a seed being planted, it will take time, but with proper care you’ll grow out of that seed that is enclosing you and grow into the individual you strive to be.


One response to “I’m Shy, Not Antisocial

  1. I really like this post! Probably because i relate so much to it. I did a similar post about this subject as well. I like how you sound so casual in this as if you write everyday but at the same time have such a formal and inviting tone! keep up the good work!

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