Finding Light in the World


“Dammit!  Watch where you’re f*cking going!”  Startled, I turned around to see a woman in her fifties, in her car, full on cursing at me.  I had clearly crossed the street, in a neighborhood, and was on the sidewalk already.  Her car window was rolled down and she yelled at me with so much hatred that in that moment I forgot how to react.  In a hurry, she sped away, ignoring the fact it was a busy neighborhood of kids and ignoring the fact that she had just crushed my feelings and very being.

It felt like a huge slap in the face to me- one that took me a while to comprehend.  I went through a wave of emotions until I could finally clear my mind and think straight.  While she was yelling at me I was in shock.  In shock that that women could carry with her so many foul words and just pour out anger upon a high school-er like myself.  Especially after I had done no harm to her in any way possible or use foul language in return to mock her.

My next emotion was anger.  I raged, feeling my very soul be torn from me and turning into a monster.  I wanted to yell at her and tell her off and ask her what her problem was.  Then my last stage hit me.  Sadness.  It genuinely made me feel sorry for her that someone or something had angered her up to the point where she had to take it out on me.  And I reasoned that she might of had a horrible day.

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the other person’s viewpoint, however it isn’t impossible.  It would of been so easy for me to yell back at her and anger her too, but I didn’t.  I had my chance and I didn’t take it.  Although it was mostly because I was too shocked to respond, I’m glad I didn’t.  Sometimes it’s best not to fuel the anger.  Fighting fire with fire would of just made it worse, and who knows?  From there it could of just gotten worst and nastier than it should already be.


After the incident I talked to a friend about it and he asked me, “Where is the love?”  I stopped and thought about it.  Where is the love in this world?  Have we all just been caught up in our own greed that we’ve forgotten to appreciate those around us and respect the other human beings that live amongst us?  We need to find light again.  Light in all things that are bad and put a spotlight on them so bright that they’ll be scared to show themselves anymore.  From any situation we need to find a good and make that good so grand it defeats the bad.

This may all seem like gibberish, but try.  Try to find good in bad things and make the good golden.  In any situation I believe there will be something good that you can draw from it.  Take that good thing and make it shine so brightly that others will not be angry of the bad but want to fight against it and want to genuinely demolish the evil.

There is much more love in this world than hate, and although one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, we need to keep fighting.  I agree with Detective Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) in the movie Seven:

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote the world is a great place and worth fighting for, I agree with the second part.”

It’s true, the world is not a perfect place.  We are not all perfect beings.  Not everything you wish for will come true.  However, despite all odds, it’s all worth fighting for and believing in.  A lot of negativity never changed the world in a positive way.  It takes good people, who don’t necessarily need to have good ideas, but just want to change the world.  Become the person you want to be and the change the world the way you want to see it.  Good luck, friends.


2 responses to “Finding Light in the World

  1. I really like how relateable all your writing topics are. This message is great inspiration and definitely true. We all just have to believe in ourselves, hope for the best possible outcome, and stay positive when life doesn’t seem to go our way. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s awesome to know that you can relate and I can only hope my blog will inspire others as well 🙂

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