Webby Wednesdays: Tiny Buddha

Recently while I was surfing the web to find inspiration, I found an article about ways to find inspiration.  I found it quite interesting and was able to search for ideas that way.  This blog post was from Tiny Buddha and is called “50 Ways to Find Inspiration: Create, Explore, Expand”.


I liked that the ideas for finding inspiration were not a long solid list of 50 things to do, but broken up into different categories.  I found these tips very helpful and hope you do as well.

The other day, I learned that good ideas are found from all over.  In my English class, we did something I thought was really cool and creative called Crows and Crops.  Basically, crows ask a crop everything and anything about that crop’s harvest (aka project).  From this, I found out that not all ideas we have are perfect all the time.  Great ideas come from trial and error and those you care about pushing you and picking at your work.  My teacher had told us to choose someone we respected and myself, being in a group, had to talk amongst my group to find a good “crow”.  A couple of our members doubted my choice of a crow, but I knew that that person was not only great at giving constructive criticism but also was very blunt and would help out our project a lot.

In a nutshell, I’m trying to say that this list definitely helps you find ideas, but a truly great idea comes from a long process.  After you have traveled that journey with your idea, you will find that the hardships only strengthened it and left behind any flaws.  Good luck getting creative!

Check the post out at this link: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/50-ways-to-find-inspiration-create-explore-expand/


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