Webby Wednesdays: Anna Akana

This week I have discovered an amusing and charismatic YouTuber!  Anna Akana has been posting videos for a little over a year now; her videos ranging from skits to her funny everyday stories.  Most of her videos are from a minute to three minutes long and cover topics that I think a lot of teens and young adults would enjoy.   I especially love that Anna is able to teach good things in a comical way by putting them in a different light.


In this skit, Anna is talking about her visit to her therapist and learning that she needs to have friends.  While this skit had me laughing, it also made me realize how important face to face interaction and friends are.  So often, we are hidden behind a screen; allowing for us to be whoever we want.  It’s harder and harder now with all the social media we have to have “real” friends, however not impossible.

I’m pledging that everyday I smile to at least one person I don’t know and strike a conversation with someone I’m Facebook friends with, but haven’t actually talk to.  With all the social media we now have, it’s so easy for us to just “like” what our friends are doing and avoid all contact with them.

Since I’m taking a pledge to be a more social person, I’m challenging you all to do so as well!  Start small and you’ll gradually open up to others- making the world a bigger, brighter place.

Keep shining on,



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