Webby Wednesdays: Domics

Scrolling through the Recommended for you on YouTube, I came across an channel that seemed to fit me in every way possible.  Not only was this channel funny in a very childish and things-that-teens-relate-to way, it was also animated.  Domics, to me, is the perfect mix of all the things I love about YouTube.  It has those adorable girl-boy moments, like Wong Fu Productions, awesome storytelling animation, like sWooZie, and a dash of clever puns and play on words, like nigahiga.


In my English class, we did an assignment where we took one central topic and wrote a letter about it to three different people.  I honestly loved that assignment.  My favorite person to write to?  A grape-less grape vine.  What I learned from that assignment was that I tend to express myself more openly to inanimate objects…wait what?  Yup.  The three people we wrote to were a parent, friend, and grape vine or missing sock.  As we learned, many people could more openly express their feelings to the inanimate objects and their friends.  I really did like this assignment, and it made me think, “Wow.  Is it because we live in a world now where we are so materialistic and connected to ‘fake’ things?”  (I know I’m guilty of loving my tablet and laptop.)  What do you guys think?

Getting back on topic, this video is just an example of the many animations Domics draws!  Hopefully you find his channel as interesting as I did, and maybe this will inspire those of you who draw to start animating and making videos!  Bye for now, friends!



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