Wishing For Luck, Recieving a Black Cat

The other day while eating breakfast (my sugary sweet Pop-tart) I thought of my chemistry test.  Feeling stressed out from all the studying I had done, and shaking off my tiredness, I walked around my house in attempts to wake up and focus.black cat

I walked to the front door and peered through the glass part- whilst hoping to get a good score on the chemistry test.  Just as I began wishing for my good grade, a black cat walked across the street.  Not in the corner, or to my neighbor’s house, or off to the side, but right in front of me.

Well, today’s going to be a GREAT day.

I think we’ve all had those times when a little bit of bad luck is mistaken for a horrible day or week.  Sometimes, you just need to look past the bad and think, “You know what, today can only get better” (I find that I tell myself that the most at 1 AM while trying to finish homework).  In all seriousness, if we didn’t have bad days, we couldn’t have good days.

Back to the topic of luck however, the complete irony of the black cat got me thinking.  Why is it that I am the unluckiest when I ask for luck?  Is it because I jinksed it?  My aunt had once told me:

“You can pray all you want, but working hard beats any miracle.”

My English class just finished the book Sophocles and what puzzled me the most was how dependent the Greeks were on their gods.  I felt like the characters would be better off thinking for themselves and not necessarily pray and listen completely to the gods.  Not only that, but many of the gods liked to play tricks on mortals- so how can you trust them?  Like mortals, the gods burn with passion.  I don’t think it would take much thought for them to bring harm to anyone they please or deceive anyone.

The black cat to me was a sign, reminding me that doing well doesn’t meaning being lucky.  Doing well should depend on your hard work, and if you “receive a black cat” it’s only there to remind you to keep pushing on forward.  I’m so sorry I haven’t done a writing piece in a while!

Work hard and shine on guys,



6 responses to “Wishing For Luck, Recieving a Black Cat

  1. Great post, Katrya! I liked how even though black cats are usually associated to bad luck and bad thoughts, you made it into something positive by using the black cat as a sign to persevere.

  2. Reading through your post, I realized that a feeling of unluckiness doesn’t come from so called omens of bad luck. It comes in what you think is going to happen. It’s a mental game within yourself. It’s not a game where you can slack off and everything is all right, but it’s a game where hard work pays off. That feeling of bad luck sneaking up on you? Just a challenge that is meant to be overcome. Like you said, doing well doesn’t mean that you’re lucky, it’s just a reward that comes from working hard.

  3. The first thing that captured my attention on this post was the photo of the black cat. I know you’re not into photography, but it has great composition, and the way the focal point of the camera is, it’s as though you’re getting like an in depth picture of the cat, especially with it’s face as the center piece!

  4. I can relate to your blog about hard work and how its not luck that gives you what you want. One of my former history teachers told us about how hard work was the key to success. In my own life i can say honestly that I have been only lucky once or twice,but with hard work you get much better results and the pride of doing very good.

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