Story Time Sundays


During the past couple of months, I’ve realized that strange things have been happening to me- and I’m burning to tell them to you all.

“My stories run up and bite me on the leg- I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite.  When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.”

-Ray Bradbury

My stories run up and bite me on the leg – I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.
My stories run up and bite me on the leg – I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off.

And as I’ve analyzed each of these strange and crazy life events and begin to wonder why they’ve even happened to me, I’ve began to see a pattern.  Each event is it’s own story that has it’s own theme and lesson to learn from.  As I am learning from my life, I want to bring you all along on the journey as well- in hopes that my stories will be of inspiration to you.  With that, welcome to the first of many Story Time Sundays!

Why I Will Never Carry a Tray of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Again

It was the day before Halloween (“Hallow-eve” as my chemistry teacher stated) and the weather for the past couple weeks had been inconsistent- that day being sunny but windy and cold.  It was around 4pm and Students we’re randomly scattered across the school, running around trying to prepare for the Halloween Carnival that started later that night at 5pm.

I was no exception.  I ran around with my friends from my club looking for our tables and setting up with signs.  Sometime from 4-5 we were missing liners for our chocolate covered strawberries that we were selling, so my friend Nicole and I volunteered to go talk to Claire, another member of our club who’s mom was going to bring them for us.  Long story short, we found Claire in the middle of a mock trial meeting and had to sit in for about ten minutes watching a group of determined high school students reenact a court trial.  On top of that, we couldn’t tell the others that we were stuck there because there was no signal for our phones in that room- AT ALL.

Eventually, we were able to sneak out and make our way back to our booth that our club had set up.  I had signed up to advertise (run around with a sign) with one of my other friends, but they showed up late so I went with Nicole.  Nicole and I went around, yelling and holding posters while dodging the crowds of people who came by and watching out for the zombie/monsters/creepy drama and choir kids who had AMAZING makeup and outfits on.  Of course, our club wasn’t the only one advertising, and with so much competition, one of the board members asked me to carry around a tray of the chocolate cover strawberries to attract costumers.

Now there are problems when it comes to holding a tray awesome looking chocolate covered strawberries at a high school carnival:

  1. Everyone is after you thinking that you’re giving away free samples
  2. You have to keep your balance dodging through people
  3. You have to know how to say NO when people give you their sad faces

Knowing this, I agreed to carrying around the tray because I didn’t want to upset the board member, and because the risk of running around with a tray of strawberries seemed pretty fun.  This is where the creepiness kicks in.

After a while of walking around with the strawberries and Nicole, I noticed that someone was stepping on my heels.  At first it was a bit annoying but I shrugged it off, thinking there was just a large crowd of people.  However the stepping didn’t stop even after Nicole and I had gone to less populated area.  Slightly irritated, I turned around to find a girl (probably a freshman) right behind me.  She was slightly shorter than me, wearing a hoodie with the hood over her head, and a visor that covered her eyes and nose.

I laughed thinking it was one of my friends playing a prank on me and said sarcastically, “Alright, who are you?”  To my surprise, the girl did not respond and just silently inched toward me.  Creeped out and a little scared, I took a step back.  Then laughed again.  Duh, Katrya.  She’s an actress with drama and choir trying to scare you.  However, as I took a closer look, I noticed that she didn’t have any makeup on and wasn’t wearing anything special like a costume.


“I’m sorry but who are you or can I help you?” I asked a little scared.  She inched closer and closer (her already being a foot in front of me).  Completely creeped out and scared now, I motioned for Nicole to go back to our club booth.  I half power-walked, half ran there, trying to get lost in the crowd, but this girl followed me so closely I could feel her breath on the back of my neck.  Making it to the booth, I thought I would be safe inside, because no one in their right mind would follow me inside a members-only booth.  WRONG!  This girl; this creepy, mysterious, haunting, and need I add- FEARLESS girl, followed me inside and stood right behind me.  Petrified, I fled from the booth and made my way into the crowd again.

By now it had been at least five to ten minutes and I was scared out of my mind.  It was as if some psychopathic killer was after me and I was powerless.  If you’ve read my first post, you’ll know that I’m a very quite and shy person.  Although I’m working on making my voice “heard” sometimes I’m still scared of speaking up.  I know I should of asked her to back off or ask her what she wanted or maybe tell someone- FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, SHE WAS A FRESHMAN!  As you can probably tell, I have problems with standing up for myself.

Taking a deep breath, I turned around and to my surprised I could see her whole face now.

“Can I have a strawberry now?”  Stunned, I gave her a puzzled look.

“Ugh, yeah.  Our booth is over there,” I said pointing in the direction of the tables lined with chocolate covered strawberries.

“No, but like, can I have one for free?  You know, for stalking you so well?”

Their faces were pretty close to mine.

Their faces were pretty close to mine.

Right there at that moment I was about to drop not only the tray of strawberries but also a few what the F bombs and mother F bombs.  To make matters worse, her hand had already begun to reach for the strawberries.  I pulled my tray away from her and walked away in anger.  Wow.  Just wow.  I couldn’t believe someone would go through this much trouble to get a strawberry.

From this little mishap, I learned that I’m still really shy and scared of standing up for myself.  I also learned that I’m a ticking time bomb of anger.  Afterward, I furiously vented to a few friends and continued on with my night.

Good bye for now friends!



2 responses to “Story Time Sundays

  1. I love this post Katrya! I understand the fear you had due to the girl following you and going through trouble just to get a free strawberry. It must have been super creepy, and I’m sorry you had to go through that. ): I would also like to thank you so much for helping out at the carnival and doing your task extremely well. I got a few laughs from this post too! 🙂 haha

    • Hahaha no worries! In the end it made a very memorable carnival and first Sophomore Commission event. I’m glad you liked it 😀

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