Webby Wednesdays: He Wanted The Ball


About two days out of the five day school week, my English teacher does something called “Brain Fuel”.  Brain Fuel can be anything from reading a book, watching a video, or drawing a picture- anything as long as it sparks ideas.  Brain Fuel for me has always been…dry.  I thought of Brain Fuel as a day where I would just get reading done and be bored the whole class period.  More than once I’ve caught myself about to fall asleep during Brain Fuel time, because for me, it was boring.  No ideas were flying.  No sparks flew.  Nothingness.

For a while I was a little angry and bummed out that my English class spent two valuable days doing nothing but reading, drawing, and watching videos quietly, when we could be discussing our projects or doing something I felt would be more productive.  I respect my teacher and what he chooses to do with his class, but Brain Fuel was just not for me.

All of that change when I came across a blog on my Facebook news feed.  The blogger of He Wanted The Ball was a classmate of mine named Corey, and being the high school student I am, I set down my chemistry homework and read the introduction to his blog.  Corey’s blog is about the journey he and his younger brother, Crew are taking to get Crew back on the basketball court.  His blog is about Crew’s progress and his thoughts on the game as well as “Weekly Wonders” that I find incredibly inspiring and motivational.


For several hours, no chemistry homework was done…at all.

I feel like He Wanted The Ball changed my view on Brain Fuel and made me realize that I don’t have to “like” something to relate to it.  Corey’s blog isn’t just about his brother’s basketball journey, it’s also about his experiences of being an older brother and mentor.  I especially like this aspect of his blog because I’m an older sister to three, yes three, younger siblings.  Enough about me though, check out the introduction to Corey’s blog, entitled “The Beginning“.


I’m not responsible for any homework or work you didn’t get done by reading his blog 😉



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