Story Time Sundays: 3rd Grade Projects

My little sister, Elsa, (she’s in 3rd grade) had a project to write a report and make a puppet on an important person in history.  Sigh.  Being the oldest, it’s always been my job to help my siblings on general homework and school projects.  Elsa is a piece a work.  Not only does she not get along with me too well, she’s also very bossy and undeniably the definition of evil (in little kids of course).  And we all know the evil I’m talking about.  She embodies a sweet and innocent little girl, but is without a doubt, a treacherous, hateful, monstrous-well, you get the point.

Back to the story, my sister decided to do her project on Martha Washington and wanted to sew a hand puppet.  Of course, that’s no problem with me and we had three full weeks to get it done.  The first week went by pretty well.  Elsa read her book and filled out the worksheet her teacher had set up for her.  We even began rehearsing what she had to say and planning out how she would make her doll.  As the days went by, we got lazier and lazier and more bitter.

It took a while, but here's our finished product!

It took a while, but here’s our finished product!

She was mad at me for not planning well and I was mad at her for constantly looking at her paper and reading, instead of speaking.  Now fast forward to the second day before it’s due.  We’re in a panic to get her puppet/doll done and at the same time have her rehearse her report.

I never understood why teachers made little kids do complicated projects.  I mean, not only can they not make a puppet, (the instructions said they couldn’t use a sock or paper bag, like really now?) they also can’t remember dates and important events.  My sister is pretty stubborn.  Once we had figured out what kind of puppet we we’re going for, my mom cut out the fabric for her and I was told to help design the dress for it.  I ended up cutting out all the pieces and seeing her struggle, I offered to help her sew it.  Giving me her famous death stare, Elsa replied with a deathly, “NO.”

After about ten minutes though, she let me help her sew the dress, but I was not allowed to use a sewing machine, in case she had time to sew it later.  Wow…I feel so privileged.  About an hour later, we both finished and all the puppet needed was a face.  At this point my sister was pretty angry that she wasn’t able to make the dress, so I let her pick out the buttons and fabric for the face.

I guess an hour of work is a bit much for a 3rd grader, because she got really tired and sleepy.  Elsa fell onto the couch, yawning and rubbing her eyes- acting like a tired kitten.

“Hey, so like, are you gonna help me with your project or what,” I asked carefully.  She ignored me and went on with her yawning and stretching.  A little angry, I asked her again and she ignored me…GREAT.  Annoyed and slightly pissed off, I finished sewing on her face while being angry at not only Elsa, but her teacher as well.  I mean, her teacher obviously had to know that third graders would be incapable of sewing a puppet, right?!

Although this doesn’t sound as bad, it gets worse, but that’s a story for another day.  This was only the puppet, wait until I get to the actual report.  *shivers in disgust


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