Webby Wednesdays: PicMonkey

Up until now, I’ve used an app called Picsart  to edit my pictures, for either my blog, reports and essays, and yes, let’s not lie, the infamous: Instagram.  However, my English teacher had suggest to my class on many occasions to use a website called PicMonkey to edit and enhance our photos.  Out of curiosity, I decided to use PicMonkey to edit photos for my blog, and it’s been amazing!

Picmonkey has many options to edit photos, make collages, and design.  To top it all off, it’s free- for the most part.  In order to use all of the options, you need to be a “Royale” member, which means you pay a fee of $5 a month or $33 a year.  However, I find the free options just as good and just as useful.

Monkey Collage

A picture my Grandfather took on a recent trip to Thailand.

As you can see from the “Before” and “After”, I took the picture of monkeys (aww, who can resist those adorable little guys) and enhanced it using PicMonkey.  The photo now looks a lot more vibrant and clear.  I was also able to use the collage to place the two photos together, and edit it as a photo, allowing for me to write on the pictures.

If you’re looking for a good photo editor, I would definitely recommend PicMonkey.  My only concern with it, is that it doesn’t have an app yet!  I think making an app will be great for those quick Facebook collages and Instagram photo edits, because let’s face it, sometimes we need more filters.

Keep smiling for those photos,



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