Webby Wednesdays: Wong Fu Productions


(From left to right:) Ted Fu, Philip Wong, and Wesley Chan

I had mentioned Wong Fu Productions in an earlier Webby Wednesdays, but I never truly paid proper homage to them. Oh my…where to start? I stumbled upon Wong Fu Productions back in 8th grade. They are a group of three guys (YouTubers!) who write heartwarming and funny skits, which usually have a theme or lesson surrounding them. Wong Fu Productions also creates really cool and interactive web series that capture the hearts and minds of teens and young adults. Scrolling down their YouTube page, I’ve come across many of their videos- 382 to be exact.


Wong Fu Productions started in 2007, and since then has only gotten better, not only in video quality, but in message of the story and cleverness as well. I remember always coming home from school and rushing to my laptop in hopes of a new video. Being the quiet person I am, I can really relate to their stories and appreciate their cheesy love stories and witty jokes.

As I’m growing up and learning and meeting new people and “maturing”, I want to keep Wong Fu Productions by my side. Their stories have taught me lessons, made me laugh, made me cry, made me jump up and down, and fangirl like there’s no tomorrow (ugh who doesn’t have a crush on Wes, like seriously?). In the little time I’ve spent with Wong Fu Productions, they’ve inspired me in ways no one has before and have become a best friend to me.

Now I leave you with The Last. This video is my ABSOLUTE favorite video from Wong Fu Productions and you’ll just have to wait and see why.

That’s all for this Webby Wednesday, but let me know in the comments what YouTube channels, videos, blogs, or websites you think I should check out!



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