Webby Wednesdays: How To Get A Date

Today I walked into my English class, scared I would have to take a reading check quiz on a section I hadn’t even read yet. I sat all throughout BAT (Baron Academic Time, formerly called Sustained Silent Reading a.k.a. SSR) speed reading through the chapters I hadn’t read. When the bell finally rang to signal that my time was up and it was no use in trying to find little details, my teacher told us all to take out a piece of paper and a pen. My heart sank a little and I nervously took the required items out and put away my book I had been trying to read.

“Alright guys, today we’re going to have a life lesson day.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then it things got…unreal? weird? funny? So yeah, we had a life lesson today. A life lesson about….dating. And no, this wasn’t just any old discussion either. Mr. T, my teacher, pulled down the projector thing (sorry for a lack of words) and pulled up a full power point presentation. It doesn’t get more legit than a power point presentation.


Pulled down this thing, minus the math. See what I did there? 😉

And that began our lesson on where to go on a date, how to get a date, and anything dating related. But of course, Mr. T repeatedly reminded us that this was the basics to dating. AP Dating was in his senior classes. This is why I love my English class.

I really loved our discussion today- not only for the wonderful content, but also because it was a good way to wind-down and relax. As far as what we were taught, I would have to agree with taking a girl to something new and exciting, but disagree with the idea that a guy needs a baby or puppy to impress a girl or get her number. The reason I would disagree? I’m a sucker for adorableness. DON’T DO THIS TO ME!


How could you possibly resist this?! Especially with a cutesy name like Panda?

Now to get to the actual Webby part of this post…

Mr. T’s talk today reminded me of one of favorite YouTubers Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog! Although this video is more for laughs than actual advice, I really liked his last little bit at the very end and his advice about BEING YOURSELF. Like Alfie I completely agree that you should be yourself because if you aren’t then who will you be? Honesty is the best policy.

Enjoy and remember it’s okay if you’re not into the whole dating thing. It’s perfectly fine to be forever alone single.

Keep shining,





4 responses to “Webby Wednesdays: How To Get A Date

    • Also, I disagree with the baby/puppy thing. I think it only relates to mature or older people because it shows a father-like characteristic in the man. I doubt any teenager would like to have a child right now and be a parent.

      • I somewhat disagree with the baby/puppy thing. I understand what you mean when you say “father-like” for the baby, but then there’s puppies…haha. So I agree with the puppies, not so much the babies.

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