Can humor really be defined in a four paged packet? Today my English teacher gave us all packets telling us that it was about humor and how things are funny. I don’t think humor can be defined in four pages. It just seems so…technical and humor is about emotion and feelings. Could you imagine if we had to analyze everything or anything anyone said before determining if it were “funny”?

“Well, based on his sarcastic tone and use of dramatic irony, combined with exaggeration of his movements; one can calculate that that was funny…” Yea, no.


According to him, the most important thing to remember is that:

You can’t be mean and funny at the same time.

I disagree.  Completely. If being “mean” means making fun of someone or hurting their feelings, then why is it that others laugh along? I’m not saying being mean is funny and bully someone is funny, but why do people laugh? Yes, they’re immature. Yes, they’re hurting someone. Yes, they’re not a great comedian. Yet someone must think they’re funny…right?

At one point of our lesson, I didn’t like that my teacher brought up how he only makes fun of kids who were “confident” and wasn’t trying to hurt them. However how can you be the one to decipher if your comment hurt that student or not? Aren’t you in a sense being mean? So why are you the one telling me that one can’t be mean and funny at the same time?

In his packet there’s a category called “Insults”. In that category is says:

Insults: making fun of others without being mean is always funny

Always funny? Once again, you don’t know that person and don’t know if your comment hurt them or not. So is my teacher’s type of humor is considered an “insult”? The word “insult” has a negative connotation. Looking it up on I found that the very definition of “insult” implies that you are being rude or offensive to someone. Hmmmm…? HYPOCRITE MUCH?!?!?!

“A joke is a very serious thing.”

-Winston Churchill

I completely respect my English teacher, but today’s lesson just left me wondering what the curriculum and standards was for schools nowadays. In a class where I feel like I’m taking a stand and boldly saying, “I WILL SHINE. I WILL BE RECOGNIZED FOR MY GREATNESS, DESPITE MY AGE AND EXPERIENCES,” I was disappointed and slightly shocked today. In this class I feel like I can truly express myself and stray away from the repetition of school, but today I was told by a couple pieces of paper what makes something funny aka “How to explain why something is funny on an intellectual level, which shows up on big tests so you better memorize it”.

Not the best English day for me.

However on a happier note,


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you all are doing fabulously and was able to survive the first day back to school or work 🙂

Happy first blog post of the year,



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