Story Time Sundays: Paranormal Parallel Part 1

If you’re ever going to hang out with me, especially at a movie theater or around Halloween, you should know that I HATE with a vicious, burning passion…horror movies. *shudders….  Not only horror movies but also anything scary or eerie or creepy. Over winter break, my family made our annual trip to Fresno right before New Year Eve. Fresno was it’s usual self; gloomy and as my aunt put it “depressing”. We were mainly there for a formal event/party but stayed to get away from home and “vacation”.


The drive up to Fresno was very pretty though.

On one of the nights while we were there, it happened to be my aunt’s birthday and so my other aunts and I took her out to eat at a really cute and modern Chinese restaurant.

We all had ordered and the food, despite being spicy (another thing to know is I don’t like spicy foods…at all), was pretty good. While we were eating, my aunts were talking and I just quietly listened along and carefully picked out the peppers in my food. One of my aunts told a story about how she found out about a good friend of her’s who had passed away without her knowing.

She explained how she was on her iPhone talking to friend when she accidentally pressed the screen and called her friend’s sister. Not wanting to be rude and hang up, she talked to her friend’s sister. My aunt had not seen or talked to her friend in a year, because of the constant address and phone number change. When she asked her friend’s sister about her sister, she replied that her sister had passed away a year ago due to untreated breast cancer. My aunt said she was so shocked and upset that one of her good friends had passed without her knowledge. Her friend’s sister said she figured that her sister didn’t want anyone to know and mourn over her. She felt that leaving the world peacefully and quietly would suit everyone best.

My aunt finished her story and looked down. “I think…I think she wanted me to know. And this was how she told me. Otherwise, I would of never thought to call her sister.” I nodded but felt a chill go down my spine. Anything supernatural scares me, even if it’s “positive”. I thought about death and after death that night. Could it possible that those who have passed can still “communicate” with us. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of something like this, but it’s never happened directly to me before….

that is until last Wednesday night.

Oh goodness…where to start?


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