Hi World, I’m Still Here

I know, I know, I know. I’VE BEEN M.I.A.!!!! Fear not, I have big plans and despite being a little busier than usual this week, I WILL POST.



In all seriousness, I was busy after my last post, but I will make up for it. This week, I think I need to introduce you all to a dedicated and sweet, but mighty group called The Think It Theatre.


This year, my English teacher gave us all an on going project- our Innovation Project. We were all able to choose our partners, our project, and how we were going to run the group. The basic idea behind The Think It Theatre, is to be able to have kids express their ideas through various art forms and then see it play out on a stage or in a video (which they will also be in). So how is all of this going down? My friends and I (there’s a total of six of us- seven if you count our amazing photographer) drive over to a tutoring place on Fridays and give the 2nd and 3rd graders there a theme to which they write a story or draw a picture to.


The first time we went (last Friday) we were able to work on stories and pictures with the kids. We found that some were more excited than others, but the vast majority enjoyed the idea. Through our project, we hope to inspire kids to create and share stories and ideas. A big part of this whole project for me is the whole performing part. When I was younger, I always thought it would be cool to be in the spotlight and be the lead in a play (thanks a lot High School Musical) but I was always deathly shy. I want to and hope to install in some way shape or form, confidence in the kids I’m working with. I want them to have the confidence to take pride in their work, and the confidence to get up in front of people and be themselves.

I see confidence as a quality I wish I could of told my younger self to have and not fear. And now, I hope share not only my ideas with these kids, but also what I’ve learned and wished I could of gone back and “redo”.

Want to see more about what The Think It Theatre is all about? Follow our social media sites!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/thethinkittheatre

WordPress: http://thinkittheatre.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinkItTheatre

With any questions or comments or feedback, email us at: thethinkittheatre@gmail.com




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