Webby Wednesdays: Is it Creepy or Romantic?

My love for Wong Fu Productions only grows stronger with each passing video, Instagram photo, tweet, and pretty much every other form they come it. This time around, they’ve captured the your average girl with a crush.

With most girls, when a guy you like does something nice for you, it seems like you two were meant to be. Their sweet gestures and kind acts are seen as being a gentleman. Now flip the script. When girls get random acts of kindness from strangers or male acquaintances they don’t exactly like, it seems a bit creepy/desperate/weird. I think most girls can relate. *insert the timeless winky face

We’ve all been there where someone we like has done something really nice for us. At that moment you feel extremely special and loved and cared for. However, someone you don’t like or have grown accustomed to could do the same thing and you brush it off. Why? Recently, a friend of mine told me I’ve been avoiding and ignoring them. They went as far as to bring up that they knew I was talking to other people, while ignoring them (most of us know how Facebook messages work).


Confused, I explained that I only did so because I rarely talked to those people. Reflecting back on that, I can see how that person could of been hurt by what I said. I took that person for granted and the things they did for me, weren’t as “important” or “special” anymore. Whereas with new friends, everything is exciting and new. It’s often easier to ask an old friend for a favor than a new one- for many reasons.

Back to the video, the girl, Ally, saw that everything her crush was doing was perfect (AHEM, Peter Adrian is kinda perfect), but when it came to the other guy (Chris Dinh), everything he did was 110% unattractive. Although the two guys were doing the same exact thing, Ally appreciated one more than the other. Applying this to everyday life, I can see how I too, am a victim of this.

All the little and big things those around me do for me end up being shrugged off. Because I know all of those people so well, I assume that they know I do care about them and what they do for me. When people I haven’t seen in a while or I’m not that close to do something nice for me, I make it a big deal to show them how much I care. It’s a bit odd how we think (or “I”? I’m a pretty odd), but almost value our friends a little less in situations like these.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

-Bob Marley

Enough rambling for today! Enjoy a little bit of Wong Fu Productions and remember to give proper love and recognition to those around you.

-Katrya 🙂


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