Webby Wednesdays: Medium


In a previous blog post, I had mentioned Brain Fuel. Brain Fuel, for those of you who don’t know, is what my English teacher has us do some days for leisure and to find inspiration. Brain Fuel can be anything from reading, to drawing, or even watching a video.

Last week, I finished reading my book, Walden On Wheels (it was quite enlightening) and forgot to bring something for Brain Fuel! I pulled out my phone and hoped onto the class Google Plus page, where I found someone had posted something about this website called Medium.


It seemed cool enough and I clicked on it in hopes of filling up the time for Brain Fuel. I started with an article/post about hipsters at Whole Foods, and from there became submerged into a world of writers voicing their opinions about anything and everything. Anyone could write for this site, which made it really vast. My favorite post so far is entitled, “Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito”. I read it dying of laughter and tearing up from the truth and wit it held. Who would of thought that a post about burritos could get so passionate?

One of the cool things about this site, is that you can comment by paragraph. ON TOP OF THAT, much like YouTube comments, your comment is connected to your Google Plus page, allowing for all to see what you had to say. I love it, because it forces the person commenting to really think about what they’re going to say; completely preventing trolls.


Another fav? The times it gives you! Medium gives you an approximate time the article will take you to read. I find this helpful when my teacher tells us we have a certain amount of time for Brain Fuel. It allows for me to choose an article that will fit the time frame and or find several smaller posts to read.


As great as Medium truly is, I’m only bummed out that you must connect it to Twitter in order to upload an article. I’m not even that sad that you have to sync it to Twitter, but it’s lame how Medium can tweet for you and access some of your information.

That’s all the Webby for this Wednesday! Would you consider writing stories on Medium? 😉



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