Webby Wednesdays: Gift

As my friend had put it, I’m a YouTube junkie. In my recommended list, there was a video called “Gift – Singapore Drama Short Film // Viddsee” and being the junkie I am, I clicked on it.

This video tells the story of a young man who reflects upon his life when his father was still living. We see that they are not the wealthiest family and there is no sign of the man having a mother or other siblings. Throughout the video you can see how the man’s father is always content, even though he isn’t the richest man alive. He found happiness through giving and had genuine love and care for his son. The son, on the other hand, is embarrassed of their poor lifestyle and ashamed that his father is not like his other friends’ fathers. You can see the son constantly try to distance himself from his father and even say he wanted a better life.

Photo Credits: www.viddsee.com

Photo Credits: http://www.viddsee.com

While watching the “Gift” I repeatedly thought of The Count of Monte Cristo and how Villefort despised his father, Noirtier for being a Bonapartist. It got me thinking, “What if Villefort, like the man in ‘Gift’ regrets cutting off ties his father” ?

On Viddsee, the geniuses behind films like this, they captioned this video, “Do your parents embarrass you? Then watch this film.” However, I think there’s so much more to this piece than embarrassment. Most people can say that they’ve been embarrassed by their parents at the very, very least once, but what about the poverty aspect? I’m sure there’s also been a time when you’ve been unable to do or buy something because of a financial issue. Although these things are hard to talk about and portray, this short film captures it with characters and choice of a flashback.

Another thing I loved about this video was how beautifully it displayed selflessness. The man’s father had an undying love and devotion to helping others, even when he wasn’t in the best financial position to be able to.

“Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give. Somehow when you give, you’ll be happier.”

In one part, he even denied his son, in order to make another boy happy. If that had happened to me, I would of been sad and disappointed in my own father, but upon seeing the after effect, I’d be glad I had someone so kind and caring to call dad.

Photo Credits: www.viddsee.com

Photo Credits: http:// mothership.sg/

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