Webby Wednesdays: aka DAN

If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m a YouTube junkie, and to get even more specific, a HUGE Wong Fu Productions fan. So it was only natural that I was subscribed to their other channel called ISAtv. ISAtv is an Asian American channel on YouTube that features many YouTubers, but not in forms of skits. Lately, I’ve been following one of their series called, “aka DAN“.

aka Dan tells the tale of the a Korean adoptee, Dan, who journeys to Korea to meet his birth parents and biological family for the first time in his life. It was a tear-jerker all the way through and I couldn’t help but feel good/bad for Dan. Here’s the trailer:

I’ve always been a fan of whatever ISAtv had to put out there, but I found myself glued to this series. I waited week after week for  new episodes and re-watched the trailer a countless number of times. Each time, I would get chills and be more excited for the episodes to come. The first episode is a little background on Dan’s past and current life. When he began reading the email from his mother,  I couldn’t image the emotional pain she must of had. Twenty-eight years…

During episode two, I saw a side the happier and more party side of Dan. In a way, it seemed to me like this experience wasn’t all seriousness for him. If I were in his shoes, I think I would be a lot more quiet and respectful. This would be a time in my life where I tried to learn about myself and where I came from.

Episode three was the turning point of the videos. Dan finally met his mother and twin brother and I felt like crying as he walked through the door, into the building. I could only imagine how he was feeling at that moment. After that, it cut to the scene of Dan speaking to other adoptees at a conference. The twins sitting in front of him were Sam Futerman and Anais Bordier, twins who were separated at birth and adopted by different parents from America and France. A while back, I followed their story about finding each other and meeting up for the first time. They too, had shared their story about finding each other.

This fourth episode, I was just straight-up bawling (you all probably think I’m an emotional wreck…it’s true).

Dan finding the home where he came from and seeing the orphaned babies made me think about my life and how fortunate I am. I’m so lucky to have parents and a family that loves me. Little do I know, there are so many kids out there without homes and families to call their own. Dan’s story helped me realize how unfair life is, but also how spectacular and odd it is. Was it good luck that he found his biological family? Or bad luck he was lost at birth?

This made me think of the Count of Monte Cristo and its theme of luck and chance. Was it good luck Dantes found the treasure? Or bad luck he was jailed as a Bonapartist? In life, we are faced with many issues surrounding chance and luck. Sometimes, when I try to look at bad events optimistically, I think of the good things that could come out of it. However, I am often reminded by my parents that “That wouldn’t of happened in the first place if….” So is it up to luck and chance?

The ISAtv series is not over, but I wanted to share Dan’s story anyway. You can find out more about Dan here!





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