The OTP Struggles

One. True. Pairing.

Better known as “OTP” in many fandoms and dramas, an OTP is two people you want to be together more than anything. This could mean that they already are a couple, best friends, strangers- you name it. OTPs can pop up anywhere really.

Shipping? Like the boat…? No! Shipping in the world of fandoms is a couple you think would be perfect or fit well together. While reading “A Tale of Two Cities,” some of my classmates and I totally shipped Lucy Manet and  Sidney Carton. Even though Lucy was married to Charles Darnay, we still thought she truly belonged with Sidney. However, the Lucy and Sidney ship are NOT my OTP. Some people think you can have several OTPs while others think it’s just one. I believe in several OTPs.

I have an OTP for things like friends I think would be a cute couple, an OTP for my favorite characters of a book, SEVERAL OTPs for my Korean dramas, the list goes on. BUT HERE’S THE PROBLEM: most of the time (more often than not) ships don’t sail. That’s where the struggles come in.

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The Kyung-jong and Ha-jin ship ❤ Photo Credits:

Take a Korean drama for instance. Lately I’ve been watching Shut Up and Let’s Go (aka Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and there are SEVERAL ships. First and foremost, I’d like to say that I completely ship Kwon Ji-hyuk and Im Soo-ah, but at the same time, I really like the Im Soo-ah and Yoo Seung-hoon ship. However my OTP in the drama series will forever be Seo Kyung-jong and Kim Ha-jin. Ugh, much feels.

With the first ship, the two won’t be together because Ji-hyuk’s dead friend liked Soo-ah as well as Seung-hoon, her childhood friend (and Ji-hyuk’s rival). (Soo-ah is very much loved in this drama and everyone is inter-connected.) In the second ship, Soo-ah and Seung-hoon, Soo-ah, who’s been friends with Seung-hoon for ten years, does not like him back. It’s the classic display of being friend-zoned. In the third ship, Kyung-jong and Ha-jin, the two are the best of friends and are always together throughout the drama. Although they fight and get angry at each other, they’re still friends at the end of the day.

^ Just one of the main songs from the drama ^

Based on the Shut Up and Let’s Go ships, you can see that each one is unique and very different in it’s own special, complicated way. Although characters seem fitting for each other, complications will get in the way, thus destroying your ship. The fight for it to sail though, should never be destroyed.

While reading “The Count of Monte Cristo,” the obvious answer would of been to have Mercedes and Dantes together, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but want to ship Fernand and Mercedes. Eventually, they became my OTP, because I really wanted them together and I pitied Fernand, the underdog. Even though Mercedes married Fernand, I was crushed when she only did so out of desperation. It reminded me of my Korean drama love triangle between Ji-hyuk, Soo-ah, and Seung-hoon and I wanted so badly to watch my K-drama at that point.

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I need to finish the drama friends. I hope your ships sail!


#Pyan is my OTP 😉


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