Story Time Sundays: Crafting

When I was a little kid, I use to try to make movies.

At around eight or nine, my Dad bought me a pink Disney camera that came with a video editing system. I loved that camera more than anything in the world, because I felt like I was a real movie-maker with it. A little background, at around that time I was incredibly crafty and artsy.

It looked something like this. Photo Credits:

It looked something like this. Photo Credits:

I used to have a small Polaroid camera that I would also take around with me and take pictures of everything and anything. Then, I would take those pictures and make scrapbooks with them.

With my Disney camera, I would spend my summers making videos of my cousins and I. I did things like write scripts, give roles, make costumes, design sets, film, and edit. I was an ambitious child with a want for crafting things on my own. I loved the summertime and made the most of each and every single one. Also using my camera, I would record myself dancing (I use to dance ballet, tap, and hip hop) and learn to fix my mistakes that way. Owning a camera opened up a whole new world for me.

Sometime after, my uncle bought me a camera for on-the-go sorta recording and taking pictures. At around that time I was nine to ten and thought I had a GREAT sense of fashion. I look back and cringe at the “photo shoots” I use to have. And what did I do with those photos? Make videos with the popular songs at the time, thinking I was some great producer. At around that same time my Dad got me a legitimate editing program, a step up from my Disney set-up.  That’s when I really started to get serious about making videos. That phase left me with several embarrassing videos that will hopefully never see the light of day.

Making videos came and went throughout my middle school years and were not as prominent. However, present day Katrya has refound her love for making videos. Quite recently, I made the decision to apply for the BBN, my school’s broadcast/news team. They produce a video every two weeks and make promo videos for up and coming events. The BBN is a great love of my school’s and I wanted to really become a piece of the school as well as see where I am skills-wise. In about two days, I wrote a script, filmed, edited, and produced a 1 minute 35 second clip PSA on first world problems.

^ This clip became my baby for those two days. I treated it with care and paid attention to its needs like no other.

I shall upload the other clip another day!! Wish me luck friends 🙂




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