Give Me Music!!


AP Testing has me stressing!! So just a short post for today, but fear not! I will return. Today I just wanted to share some of the music I listen to when I do my homework or study.


My phone camera is not the greatest…at all.


My homework music tends to be a louder and crazy, to keep me awake! I also kind of have an obsession with K-POP right now; reason being is because I can’t sing along while I’m doing homework! These are my top three songs:

Growl- EXO: Beats on point 0 __ 0

Don’t Stop- 5 Seconds of Summer: 5SOS killing it as always! Don’t stop, doing what you’re doing…

Cold Dust Girl- Hey Champ (Remix by Gemini Club): I always replay 4:13! It’s my absolute favorite part of the remix.


My studying mix is mainly K. Will songs, Marina and the Diamond songs, and or instrumental covers. I like to keep this mix of music more instrumental than vocal, so I know what I’m reading and I focus. Here are my top three:

Lies (acoustic)- Marina and the Diamonds: Marina has one of the most unique and beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I also love the passion she puts into her music.

Love Blossoms- K. Will: If anything, he’s my favorite Korean singer. Credits to Nicole ^^

Counting Stars (One Republic) – Guitar Cover by Sungha Jung: HE’S KIND OF A GUITAR GOD. ENOUGH SAID.


For those interested 😉

You and I- One Direction: No explanation need. Just listen~

Daft Punk Medley- Pentatonix: Their arrangements and voices and overall musical abilities surprise me each time I listen to them.

Thank You- Jason Chen: Three words- Music. Never. Sleeps.


Good luck on all your tests or life in general! If you have any music you want to suggest to me, feel free to down below 🙂 I always love finding out about artists and bands!



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