Webby Wednesdays: Don’t Stop

So like, can we just talk about 5 Seconds of Summer? 5 Seconds of Summer, also known as 5SOS (pronounced like “Five Sauce”) is an Australian band made up of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford. I saw them in concert alongside One Direction last summer in Staples Center and I’m so proud of their progress since then.

1D Concert


If you haven’t heard, they’ve recently performed at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards and FINALLY released an album this year. And despite their awful introduction (GLARES AT KENDALL JENNER), I think they did an amazing job and have an energy about them that makes them so lovable.

However, this Webby Wednesday was to talk about their latest music video, “Don’t Stop”. It is the most fangirl appropriate and beautifully shot music video ever. Take a look.

First off, I was loving their comic and super hero theme. I loved the irony of 5SOS as super heroes too, because they would make the most derpy heroes ever (as demonstrated by the music video). I also really enjoyed the idea of the video being a movie trailer almost because it made it seems as though we haven’t seen all of what they have to offer yet. It was a relatively good way to give people a taste of the band and remind them that their’s more to come.

My favorite scene was when Dr. Fluke (Luke) went to aid the old woman crossing the street. OH THE IRONY OF HER HITTING HIM. I think most of the 5SOS FAM (the fandom name of 5SOS) would of ran and like, tackled him. Sigh. In fact, this whole music video is irony and all the characters with it. Oh Cal-Pal (Calum), you pick up that trash. 😉 Isn’t it sad that I’m jealous of the cat in the video?

Me? Oh no, I'm not passionately obsessed. Please, I've surpassed that.

Me? Oh no, I’m not passionately obsessed. Please, I’ve surpassed that.

If anything, I also genuinely love the song itself. I always love that 5SOS isn’t a completely pop band and still have some rock elements to their band. Another thing that I love about them is their undeniable energy! I’m a HUGE Directioner, but 5SOS have this unique quality about them that sets them above your average “boy band”. For one, I think it’s their connection they’ve maintained with their fans. As they are growing more popular and leading busier lives, I hope they don’t lose this connection and remain faithful to their fans. I will always enjoy reading Michael tweets or seeing Ashton Instagram videos.

Good Night Friends! 5SOS ON!! 😀



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