Webby Wednesday: All Quiet on the Photo Front

As the year winds down to an end, I wanted to share a little project that I did but never got the chance to turn in. This project was one of my favorites we did all year, but sadly was never showcased. At the time, my class was reading All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque and I was truly touched by the story told in the book. Our project was to choose our favorite/the most significant quote in the book and overlay it on an image.

I took this project really seriously.

From start to finish, I spent a total of three hours to produce these images- and I intend to share them some how. Maybe three hours is a really long time because I’m a newbie, but during those three hours, I saw how much I loved photography and telling a story through photographs. I took A TON of pictures, but narrowed it down to two, which I edited to what I see, as perfection. The camera used was a Sony Nex-5t and the editing program is PicMonkey!

The first hour I used to find good quotes. I chose a few and narrowed it down to the two I used for my images. Then, I took those quotes and had to connect them to an image. I decided that boots were symbolized a lot in the book and set out to find a pair of boots, in my house, that had an old, vintage-y, war-look to them. I ended up stumbling (literally) upon a pair of well-worn, brown Dr. Martens in my family’s shoe closet. Later, I found out they had belonged to my dad, who bought them in London, when he was a rebel with shoulder-length hair and love for classic rock. Now came the photography part.


For this guy on the top, my main challenge was getting a good plot of dirt. My backyard is either cement or grass, so it was hard to

Photo Credits: www.fanpop.com

Photo Credits: http://www.fanpop.com

find a space to take this photo. Why dirt? Well the quote used the character “she” which was a reference to mother earth, and if you had watched Avatar growing up, you would know the four nations are fire, water, wind and earth. For earth, my favorite character, Toph, would be able to lift and control the ground and dirt. Yes. There was a lot of logic behind this whole dirt thing, okay? Regardless, in my opinion, I think this angle was clever, because it looks almost as though someone is walking over dirt and at the same time hides the flower pot and brick decoration in my backyard.

As far as filter and text, I chose to keep the filter relatively warm to really showcase the random colors in the dirt and the creases in the boots. Text, I kept very simple and clean to really get my point across. Being that we called it “Mother Earth” I made the font a little girlier and made “forever” larger to put an emphasis on time.



Next up is this black and white image of the boots placed next to a piano. For this image, I wanted to show how war never truly “goes away”. My focal point was the pair of boots (purposely unlaced and sloppily placed) to prove that although given time to go to their families, soldiers felt out of place and awkward in what use to be their homes- like the character Paul Bäumer.

I played around with several filters and decided to go for an overall vintage and spooky look. I also blurred the background more than usual and darkened the boots to really make them the focal point. As for the quote, chose a text that resembled an old typewriter and used the setting “difference” to make the text change colors based on the background.

All in all, it was a lot of fun making and I felt accomplished after seeing both images. Although disappointed I wasn’t able to share these images, I’m glad they were able to surface somewhere.


P.S. today wasn’t very webby, it was more techy (sorry about that).


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