Sometimes, I think we all just need to state the obvious. Here’s a post I wrote for my publishing house, Treehouse Thoughts.

Treehouse Thoughts

Dear High School Writers,


For some reason, whenever I read writing by high schoolers, they like to disguise their subject. It’s great that you know who or what you’re writing about…BUT I WANT TO KNOW. And guess what? I’m sure your other readers want to know too. A lot of us don’t realize how important it is to state the obvious. When I’m assessing a situation, the first thing I do is state the plain, stupid obvious. Whenever I’m writing, I like to be very upfront. If I know exactly what I’m writing about, I think my readers will reach a better understanding.

The problem with most high school writing is execution. We’re presented with these AWESOME papers to pull ideas from so naturally, we think we can pull it off. A friend began a story where they talked about their brother; only the whole time…

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