Story Time Sundays: Today I stepped on staples

Treehouse Thoughts

Today I stepped on staples; it hurt like hell. However it reminded me to always be cautious of my surroundings. There use to be an ongoing joke that I had with a friend, where my carelessness would lead to me getting hit by cars or something. And while a little dumb, (because who even talks about staples?!?!) I thought I’d explore this horrendous 3 minute event in my life.


I was sitting on my bed when my dad called out to me. Apparently a college rep wanted to talk to me and in a rush on my way out of my room, I didn’t realize the lethal bit of metal on the floor. It sat upright, waiting for me to step on it, and when I did, I could feel the sharp pain of the staples pierce the thick skin on the bottom of my foot. Ouch. 

I don’t even remember…

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